ACCOUNTABLE WINE : DAY 12 : Marni Beardsley

ACCOUNTABLE WINE : DAY 12 : Marni Beardsley

Marnie Beardsley
WK Director of Art Production, Rock Star, Mother to budding Creatives

My favorite thing about art is that it has no end. One day it is one thing, the next day it’s the next. There are so many different genres and mediums and talents out there. I like art that makes you have emotion- that makes you happy. As I get older I get more sappy—it’s true. I like art that is uplifting. I still love good moody beauty—whether it is painting or a beautiful moody landscape, but I often find that I like it if it is more uplifting or a little naughty. I like naughty a lot. Naughty comes in a variety of different facets. I like things that make me laugh.

My grandma, when I was 5 or 6 just laid out all of Awbrey Beardsley work. She says he is a descendent. I think her motivation was to show the beautiful work he created but also a history a lineage. What I remember more than that at the time was how twisted and gorgeous and regal his work was. Knowing now that this was a long time ago and it is still carrying over—it is timeless and intellectual. As a kid, I wanted to wear those dresses he made and be one of those women with the dresses and hair done up. I so appreciated it. I wasn’t able to do that, but my brother could. He was super talented. I would love to just sit in his room and watch him work. Now I just love helping to nurture and mentor other artists.

Anyone that art makes them happy, whether you are making money from it or not, just keep doing it. That’s it. If it makes you happy, that’s it.

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