Posie Currin
Media Artist, Teacher

I think the way you can apply art to any expression, emotional expression. The way you can channel your ideas. For me, when I think about my place and where I stand in this world I think about something bigger and it is hard sometimes to use my words to think about what this life is and why we are here and the meaning of all this. So, for me it is a way to channel and be intuitive and allows these things to organically happen. For me it is alchemy. It is a way to connect It is way to bring something bigger than me and channel it through and open myself up and let things flow naturally.

I can be really frustrated by Art because I think there are a lot of closed doors. I am speaking more about how people try to pigeonhole art and its frustrating. I think for artists it would be great to have more available space for showing and not have to go through the bureaucracy of who you are rubbing tail feathers with and to have a more supportive community for showing. It seems really repetitive. I don’t think it matters what town you are in. But you just have to just keep doing what you love to do.

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