Cocktails + Art + Mother

Barbara Lee McKeever Peterson Watercolorist • Brandy Manhattan Expert • My First Art Teacher • My Mom It’s relaxing. Sometimes. Not always. Sometimes, it’s very relaxing. It depends on if you ruin something and can’t fix it, it can get frustrating, especially watercolors. But when you just sketch in a book, with black pen, it … Continue reading Cocktails + Art + Mother

Coffee + Art + Friends : Stuart Breidenstein

Stuart Breidenstein Designer • Beauty Lover • Material Explorer • Creative Problem Solver    My favorite moment is when something finally comes together. You reach that crux and everything falls into place. That’s my favorite moment. I used to experience it with music more, when you add something or take out some ingredient so you … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Stuart Breidenstein

Coffee + Art + Friends : Sweet Pea Cole

Sweet Pea Cole Artist • Maker • Gap Chaser • Awesome Idea Generator    My favorite thing about Art? Oh, my gosh. Sometimes, it’s that feeling that you get when you look at something and you can’t believe the talent that it took to make and conceive. I get immediately drawn to that. I return … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Sweet Pea Cole

Coffee + Art + Friends : Paula Bullwinkel

Paula Bullwinkel Photographer • Painter • Teacher • Learner • Museum Adventurer My favorite thing about Art… I think that’s it I can get lost in a different world. I can experience a whole other thing outside of whatever else is going on in the world. I am the creator in that world. I am the God or … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Paula Bullwinkel

Coffee + Art + Friends : Mark Ransom

MARK RANSOM Musician • Arts Facilitator • Magic Maker • My First Friend in Bend   The fact that Art is a language that transcends almost everything. Certainly, verbal language. Cultural and Ethnic differences. It transcends our allegiance to different nations, our patriotism. It provides an opportunity— a lot like friendship— to see and really feel what … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Mark Ransom

Coffee + Art + Friends : Jenny Green

Jenny Green Gallery Owner • Head Cheerleader for Artists Everywhere  My favorite thing about art is that I feel like it makes us all more human. I mean it from a production side and I mean it from an absorbing side. I think the production side is almost obvious. It truly helps people to work … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Jenny Green

Coffee + Art + Friends : Cari + Christian Brown

Cari Brown + Christian Brown Artists • Stuff Movers • Sameness Destroyers Cari: The one thing that I was thinking about was how I really like the fact that Art is an open door. It’s a doorway into ancient cultures. Or it can be a doorway into the mind or soul of the artist. It’s … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Cari + Christian Brown

Coffee + Art + Friends : Lloyd McMullen

LLOYD MCMULLEN Artist • Secret Keeper • Feelings Painter I’ll read something or I’ll see something and that will get me going on a train of thought. It is true that as I am working, it just kind of feeds itself. I don’t get burnt out on doing Art, except when I am working on … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Lloyd McMullen

Coffee + Art + Friends : Carol Sternkopf

CAROL STERNKOPF Photographer • Spy • Expert Babysitter • Happy Traveler   My husband’s gone this week, helping his parents. And so is my daughter. And somebody called and said “Are you bored? Are you lonely? Do you want to do something?” I texted back, "I’ve never been lonely in my life." It was weird to … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Carol Sternkopf