If you need something creative in your life, I can probably help.

Design is storytelling. What is your story and how do you convey that in a graphic or in a photo? If you have ever spent any time with me, you know I am good at telling a story.

My variety of experiences in the design world go from working in a print shop to creating sleepwear for fancy British ladies to re-branding a 113-year old family farm. What help do you need in telling your story and how can I use my skills to do that?

Graphic Design • Copywriting • Photography • Video Directing / Editing • Illustration

Social Media Marketing + Asset Development • Print Layout

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This 113-year old family farm needed an update on their look. I created new t-shirts, labels for their ice cream, various assets for social media, store signs, event posters and even a website you can explore  here. (And keep in mind- I also took a lot of the photos on their website.)



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Mandala Midwifery

A trio of rad midwives joined forces and I got to create their new logo! I also re-designed their website which you can visit here


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REALMS – Rimrock Expeditionary Alternative Learning Middle School

Coming-up on their 15th-anniversary, I helped this great magnet school document how their pedagogy has been successful for their students well past their middle school years. I interviewed alumni and used their own words to help tell REALMS’s story.



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Oh, yeah… Me!

I also have designed my own stuff over the years, from my various logos, blog assets, art packaging and, of course, this website. Here are some of the different pieces I have created to tell my own story: