Coffee + Art + Friends : Paula Bullwinkel

Paula Bullwinkel Photographer • Painter • Teacher • Learner • Museum Adventurer My favorite thing about Art… I think that’s it I can get lost in a different world. I can experience a whole other thing outside of whatever else is going on in the world. I am the creator in that world. I am the God or … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Paula Bullwinkel

Coffee + Art + Friends : Jenny Green

Jenny Green Gallery Owner • Head Cheerleader for Artists Everywhere  My favorite thing about art is that I feel like it makes us all more human. I mean it from a production side and I mean it from an absorbing side. I think the production side is almost obvious. It truly helps people to work … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Jenny Green

Coffee + Art + Friends : Cari + Christian Brown

Cari Brown + Christian Brown Artists • Stuff Movers • Sameness Destroyers Cari: The one thing that I was thinking about was how I really like the fact that Art is an open door. It’s a doorway into ancient cultures. Or it can be a doorway into the mind or soul of the artist. It’s … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Cari + Christian Brown

Coffee + Art + Friends : Lloyd McMullen

LLOYD MCMULLEN Artist • Secret Keeper • Feelings Painter I’ll read something or I’ll see something and that will get me going on a train of thought. It is true that as I am working, it just kind of feeds itself. I don’t get burnt out on doing Art, except when I am working on … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Lloyd McMullen

Coffee + Art + Friends : Carol Sternkopf

CAROL STERNKOPF Photographer • Spy • Expert Babysitter • Happy Traveler   My husband’s gone this week, helping his parents. And so is my daughter. And somebody called and said “Are you bored? Are you lonely? Do you want to do something?” I texted back, "I’ve never been lonely in my life." It was weird to … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Carol Sternkopf

Coffee + Art + Friends : Community Skis

KRISTIN BROUMAS + MICHAEL LISH Designers • Doers • Adventurists   Kristin: I like that Art is a different way to communicate and it's a different language. And because it is a different language you can communicate in a different way than than through writing or through speech or even through eye contact. It's unique, because … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Community Skis

Coffee + Art + Friends : René Mitchell

RENÉ MITCHELL Art Discoverer • Art Lover • Art Supporter • Artist I believe many people are artists even if they are not painting or sculpting or drawing or writing. I look at artists as people who enjoy art and appreciate art and who are creative thinkers. What I love most about Art, is for … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : René Mitchell

Coffee + Art + Friends : Steve Tague

STEVE TAGUE Photographer • Creative Technician • Master of Light   One of the things I see in Art is the individuality and the means to express yourself. Everybody has their own interpretation of what they're doing and their meaning behind it. You can walk into an Art show, a photo gallery— I just recently … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Steve Tague

Coffee + Art + Friends

ABOUT THIS. I turned 41 this year. And just in time, too. The existential crisis that has been the last two years of my life was getting boring. "Forty-one-derful" is what my friends have dubbed it. I made it over the hump. Again. And there will be plenty of humps coming, but right now, it's … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends


Casey Nolan Filmmaker, Artist, Iowan My favorite thing about art is translating an idea that is in my brain or seeing someone else translate what is in their brain into a tangible thing and how that evokes reaction. Recently, I participated in the Portland 48hr Film Festival. It was the first time I had done … Continue reading ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 14 : Casey Nolan