Coffee + Art + Friends

ABOUT THIS. I turned 41 this year. And just in time, too. The existential crisis that has been the last two years of my life was getting boring. "Forty-one-derful" is what my friends have dubbed it. I made it over the hump. Again. And there will be plenty of humps coming, but right now, it's … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends

ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 10 : Allison Murphy

Allison Murphy Designer, Fiber Artist, Mother, Creative Connoisseur The freedom that it can be anything-- it can be how you choose to put an outfit together or how you choose to apply paint to a board. It can be how you creatively choose your words to explain something. All of those things are art to … Continue reading ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 10 : Allison Murphy