Cocktails + Art + Mother

Barbara Lee McKeever Peterson Watercolorist • Brandy Manhattan Expert • My First Art Teacher • My Mom It’s relaxing. Sometimes. Not always. Sometimes, it’s very relaxing. It depends on if you ruin something and can’t fix it, it can get frustrating, especially watercolors. But when you just sketch in a book, with black pen, it … Continue reading Cocktails + Art + Mother

Coffee + Art + Friends : Cari + Christian Brown

Cari Brown + Christian Brown Artists • Stuff Movers • Sameness Destroyers Cari: The one thing that I was thinking about was how I really like the fact that Art is an open door. It’s a doorway into ancient cultures. Or it can be a doorway into the mind or soul of the artist. It’s … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Cari + Christian Brown

Coffee + Art + Friends : Community Skis

KRISTIN BROUMAS + MICHAEL LISH Designers • Doers • Adventurists   Kristin: I like that Art is a different way to communicate and it's a different language. And because it is a different language you can communicate in a different way than than through writing or through speech or even through eye contact. It's unique, because … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Community Skis


Majik Mother, Mentor, Friend, Artist I had such a high regard to artists and I felt like I was never in the same arena. I always wanted their art because it was so beautiful and inspiring, but I never saw myself as an artist. I do now, however. A lot of artists I was around, … Continue reading ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 2 : Majik