Coffee + Art + Friends : Steve Tague

STEVE TAGUE Photographer • Creative Technician • Master of Light   One of the things I see in Art is the individuality and the means to express yourself. Everybody has their own interpretation of what they're doing and their meaning behind it. You can walk into an Art show, a photo gallery— I just recently … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Steve Tague

Coffee + Art + Friends

ABOUT THIS. I turned 41 this year. And just in time, too. The existential crisis that has been the last two years of my life was getting boring. "Forty-one-derful" is what my friends have dubbed it. I made it over the hump. Again. And there will be plenty of humps coming, but right now, it's … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends

ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 21 : Matthew Dickman

Matthew Dickman Poet, PDX Native, Master of Metaphor Can I have two favorite things about Art? One of my favorite things about art—which also happens in nature—is that art is something that has the ability, when you see it for just an instant, to move you in a dramatic way, to take your breath away. … Continue reading ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 21 : Matthew Dickman