Cocktails + Art + Mother

Barbara Lee McKeever Peterson Watercolorist • Brandy Manhattan Expert • My First Art Teacher • My Mom It’s relaxing. Sometimes. Not always. Sometimes, it’s very relaxing. It depends on if you ruin something and can’t fix it, it can get frustrating, especially watercolors. But when you just sketch in a book, with black pen, it … Continue reading Cocktails + Art + Mother

Coffee + Art + Friends : Mark Ransom

MARK RANSOM Musician • Arts Facilitator • Magic Maker • My First Friend in Bend   The fact that Art is a language that transcends almost everything. Certainly, verbal language. Cultural and Ethnic differences. It transcends our allegiance to different nations, our patriotism. It provides an opportunity— a lot like friendship— to see and really feel what … Continue reading Coffee + Art + Friends : Mark Ransom

ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 23 : Jeff Hylton Simmons

Jeff Hylton Simmons Sound Engineer, Owner Blackbird Farm, Radio23 Founder, Big Thinker and Dreamer My favorite thing about art is that it is transportive. Music is the heaviest on my heart or the art that can transport me the fastest. Whether it is visual or oral or theater, just the fact that it takes you … Continue reading ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 23 : Jeff Hylton Simmons